New Massachusetts Law Places Restrictions on Non-Compete Agreements

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After many years, Massachusetts legislators have finally agreed upon non-compete reform. On August 10, 2018, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signed into law a new bill that affects the applicability, scope, and influence of non-compete agreements between Massachusetts employers and employees. The new law, which becomes effective on October 1, 2018,

Non-Competition Agreement Reform Will Have to Wait Until Next Year…Again

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“Wait ‘til next year,” the unofficial slogan of fans of the Brooklyn Dodgers, is becoming equally applicable to proponents of reform to Massachusetts law concerning non-competition agreements. Massachusetts legislators have filed bills every year since 2009. Each has failed to be enacted into law. This year looked like it would be the year. The House

Noncompete Reform – A Non-Issue?

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An arcane provision in Chapter 149 of the Massachusetts General Laws states that “No person shall, by intimidation or force, prevent or seek to prevent a person from entering into or continuing in the employment of any person.” G. L. c. 149, § 19. Representative Lori A. Erlich (D-Marblehead) and others filed bills in the