Beware of the Wage Act – Review Pay Plans for Commission Based Inside Salespersons and Stay Alert for Future Claims

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In early May, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court held that 100% commission-based inside salespersons are entitled to separate, additional overtime pay and premium pay for Sunday work. The decision, Sullivan v. Sleepy’s LLC, underscored the importance of tracking the hours employees work, regardless of the total value of their compensation.

When Does a Competitive Business Practice Become Actionable under Chapter 93A, § 11?

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Chapter 93A, § 11 provides a right of action to persons engaged in business who suffer a loss of money or property as a result of unfair methods of competition, or unfair or deceptive acts or practices, used by another business in Massachusetts. An aggrieved business may recover its actual

Massachusetts Pregnant Workers Fairness Act: What to Know and How to Prepare

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On July 27, 2017, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signed the Massachusetts Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (the “PWFA”) into law.  Massachusetts joined twenty-one states and Washington D.C. in providing protections to pregnant workers. The PWFA supplements Massachusetts employment discrimination law, by adding pregnant employees and employees with pregnancy-related medical conditions (including breastfeeding)